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The Mine and Careytown

This panorama is a view of the proposed mine which would come to within 25 feet of where the photographer stood at the edge of Careytown.

The proposed excavation would come to
within 70 feet of this swingset.

Careytown is a precious example of the kind of "freetown" that formerly enslaved people of African descent built shortly after the Civil War ended, when they were eager -- and sometimes forced -- to leave the plantations where they had lived and worked. These small communities, which were once common to the Piedmont and other parts of the South, are increasingly hard to find. They may still exist in the name of a place, or the ghost of a memory, but seldom do you find a settlement like Careytown which has been continuously inhabited by the same families since Emancipation. Most of the residents of Careytown are related, and most of them are descended from workers who were enslaved on neighboring plantations such as Barboursville and Burlington. Careytown is an African-American community with a proud history and a greatly-threatened future.

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